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QOB Volleyball Tournaments FAQ


ALL tournaments are doubles teams only unless otherwise specified. Ticket price is per team. Beach access and/or parking fees are not included in a tournament entry fee.


Check In

Check in is between 8:15 and 8:30, meeting at 8:45, balls in the air by 9:00 am. You may lose your spot in the tournament if you check-in on time.


Entry Policies

Please register through this website. Phone/email entries can not be accepted unless there is an issue with our website. Refund requests can be granted until 48 hours prior to the event but will automatically cease if the event is sold out.


Inclement Weather

There will be no cancellations prior to the day of the tournament. At 6 am the day of tournament, if dangerous/hazardous weather exists an email will be sent out with instructions to everyone through registration records. If it is raining, you must show up at the beach, check-in, and be prepared to play. If you chose not to play and we conduct the event, you will lose your entry fee.


Reminder: this is outdoor volleyball and the weather is a part of the game. Our commitment to those teams that may have traveled far and incurred expenses for lodging and more is to conduct the event if at all possible. Sand does not become slippery like grass, and does not pose a safety concern. Be prepared to play! Tournaments are not canceled because of rain. Extreme Cold and Rain, maybe!


Play will be suspended if thunder is heard or there is a lightning strike within visual range of the tournament.


Cancellation Policies

In the highly unlikely event that we do cancel an event due to a hurricane, severe lightning or a similar event, the event will be rescheduled or refunds will be given. We will post on our social media accounts and email each registrant to advise you of any cancellations. We will not make a decision on a cancellation anytime prior to 6am, the day of.  Beach weather is unpredictable and we want to make sure that we are making the right call. Please do not contact us with cancellation questions.  We will contact you.



Open: The strongest level of play.


AA:    "AA" players have strong all-round skills and planned strategies. Very competitive


A:       "A" Players are moderately experienced and can pass, set and spike consistently.


B:  For beginner to intermediate. New to beach volleyball or want a more recreational level


And don't forget, there's "No bench on the beach"™


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